We offer a free managed dns zone file hosting service which allows you to point yourdomain.com or subdomain.yourdomain.com to any IP address, host name or server.

  • Instant updates via our network of 4 DNS servers
  • Support for A, CNAME, MX, TXT, NS records
  • All TLD's supported
  • No advertising, mailing lists or junk mail
  • No limit on the number of domains
  • No limit on sub domain numbers
  • Manage multiple domains from one account
  • Round robin DNS supported. (Multiple IP's per address)
  • Works with your current domain name registrar and web host
  • Setup an account in 60 seconds, using only your email address.
  • Changes to zones are reflected instantly
  • Dynamic DNS supported
  • Simple, easy to use and reliable web interface currently used by over 6,000 users
  • Backed by a UK ISP managing over 40,000 domains, not supported by donations!

What to do next -

  • Sign up in seconds
  • Ask you domain registrar to set your name servers to ns1.nsnoc.com ns2.nsnoc.com ns3.nsnoc.net and ns4.nsnoc.net
  • Log in and create your first zone file
  • 24 hours later enjoy the benefits from your free service.
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